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The Iikea Daily Carrier - Rosé

The Iikea Daily Carrier - Rosé

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Our signature puffy carrier is super lightweight, airy, and breathy. Also it's super versatile, we sometimes even use it as a regular ol' bag to carry all our stuff. With this super cute carrier, please feel free to take your pups everywhere. Take them on the subway or on the bus, to the store, or wherever you need to go. FYI though - technically, this is not TSA compliant because it doesn't have a mesh top and it's a bit bigger. This carrier also comes with a matching poop bag holder...CUUUUUTE. 


Light, easy to wash and water-resistant fabric. Soft padding and sturdy bottom. Strong handles but soft and comfortable on shoulders. Lots of pockets. Removable poop bag holder. Side zippers to open and close when needed. Safety hook.


Shell: 100% Nylon Padding: 100% Polyester


Machine wash cold flat dry. Remove the hard bottom insert when washing.

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WEIGHT Up to 20 lbs


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